Welcome to the Master in Law and Economics of the Arab Region

Since 2016, the Institute of Law and Economics has been offering the Master of Law and Economics of the Arab Region (MLEA) in cooperation with the University of Cairo. The programme is characterized not only by its international nature, but also by its interdisciplinarity combining law, economics and other social sciences.

Key Facts

(Double Degree for Egyptian Students)
About MLEA
Language of InstructionEnglish
LocationUniversity of Cairo & University of Hamburg
Tuition FeesFees
Application DeadlineAdmission
Credits90 ECTS
Duration2 years (4 Semesters)
Hamburg: Full-time
Cairo: Part-Time
Programme Structure
Start of StudiesBeginning of September
Programme Structure

Programme Overview

The Master in Law and Economics (MLEA) is a joint programme between Faculty of Economics and Political Science (FEPS), Cairo University and Faculty of Law, Hamburg University. MLEA graduates receive an LL.M./M.A. from the Faculty of Law, Hamburg University (Specialization in Law). Egyptian Nationals receive additionally an M.Sc. from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University (Specialization in Economics).

Programme Objective

The programme, with its courses provides students with necessary tools to explain the behaviour of legislators, prosecutors, judges, bureaucrats and other actors using the economic methodology. The model of rational choice, which underlies much of modern economics, proved to be very useful for explaining (and predicting) how people act under various legal constraints. This positive analysis informs the normative branch of the discipline about possible outcomes. If effects of divergent legal rules and institutions are known, the normative analyst will be able to discern efficient rules from those that are inefficient and formulate reform proposals to increase the efficiency of the law. Hence Law & Economics can be considered a reliable tool to study and improve the quality of legal systems. The better understanding of the Law from an economic point of view can be viewed as a necessity to support the ongoing structural reform process of the institutions in the Arab region.

Ph.D. Possibilities

The MLEA is a fully recognized master’s programme and as such enables its graduates to pursue a Ph.D. at all institutions of higher education. Applicants interested in postgraduate work are encouraged to check out the admission requirements of their target Ph.D. programme.

The European Doctorate in Law & Economics

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For more information about the programme and application procedure please see their website.